General Transport Conditions

Applicable legislation

  • Decree-Law No. 46235, of 8 March 1965 and Decree-Law No. 28/88 of 6 September.

    The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road was implemented by Decree-Law No.46235, done at Geneva on 18 May 1956 and the Decree – Law 28/88 approves the Protocol to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

  • Decree-Law No 239/2003, of 4 October, amended by Decree-Law No. 145/2008, of 28 July.

    Provides rules for national carriage of goods by road. Stablishes rights and duties for every part involved in the expedition of goods.

  • Decree-Law No 147/2003, of 11 Jully, amended by Decree-Law No 198/2012, of 24 August, by the Declaration of Rectification no 10-C/2003 of 31 July, by the Decree-Law No 238/2006, of 20 December, by the law 3-B/2010 of 28 April and also by Decree-Law 198/2012 of 24 August 2012.

    Approves the regime governing assets in circulation regarding the transactions between subject to VAT entities, namely as far as documents of transports are concerned.

  • Order 21994, of 19 October 1999.

    Defines the model of the Transport Document. Obliges the identification of the forwarder, the identification of the consignee as well as the nature and quantity of goods that will be forwarder, inter alia.

  • Decree-Law No. 95/2011, of 08 August.

    Important information – Control of the pine wood nematode. Declaration of rectification no 30-A/2011, of 07 October.

BrunoTir Transportes, Lda:

General Conditions

  • Transport must be done according to the terms and conditions of CMR convention
  • Weight/Volume ratio: 1 m3 = 333 Kgs / 1 Loading Meter = 1.750 Kgs
  • Transport price may change if the measures and/or weight of the goods is different from the initially proposed.

Insurance Information

  • The insurance of goods is not included in the proposal.
  • Brunotir is not liable for the damages caused in goods containing glass or stone which are not properly packaged and loaded.
  • All the goods transported are covered by CMR Insurance. Under the CMR convention, in case of liability of the carrier, there’s a limit of around 10€ per kg of the real weight of goods to pay.


  • All the goods that will be forwarded must be properly packaged to guarantee their protection from any damage during the transport process. As well as packages must be properly labelled to guarantee their identification.
  • Brunotir reserves themself the right to not accept to load goods if they are not properly packaged and correctly labelled.
  • According to the decree-law 95/2011 of 8 August, all the wooden pallets/packages must necessarily be fumigated. This is an obligation of the exporter company.

Payment conditions

  • Unless agreed before, Prompt-Payment.