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Grupo Brunotir Transportes, Lda, hereinafter referred to as Brunotir, is aware of the implications and its responsibility to comply with the changes introduced in terms of personal data protection, namely with the taking effect on May 25, 2018 of the General Protection Regulation of Data, approved by Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 26, 2016.
Brunotir is therefore committed to ensuring the protection of all personal data made available to it, having in this sense adopted various security measures, of a technical and organizational nature, in order to protect personal data against any form of illicit treatment. .
The Brunotir Group is also committed to continually improving the set of procedures and techniques implemented for the protection of personal data, also relying for this purpose on all suggestions that users of this site send us.
These Privacy Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to the processing of personal data by Brunotir collected through its website or commercial and promotional actions.

1. Purpose of treatment

Personal data is collected exclusively for the following purposes:
Response to contact request;
Commercial management;
Improvement or customization of our services;
Sending newsletters and other promotional actions. Customers can cancel their subscription to the newsletter service by email by clicking on the newsletter link that we send by email.

2. Personal data collected

The data collected is limited to the name and e-mail address, being used for the purposes set out in this policy, and can be obtained through:
Website contact form;
Face-to-face collection.

3. Consent

Before the first promotional message or newsletter is sent, the express consent of the data subject will be requested to send this type of message.
This consent will be requested via email and the data subject will only receive messages if they respond positively. If the answer is negative, your data will be deleted.

4. Retention Period

The personal data collected will be kept as long as there is consent from the holder for the purposes set out in 1.

5. Sharing of personal data

The personal data collected may be shared for hosting and backup on servers located in Portugal and only by the group of companies of the Brunotir Group.

6. Rights of holders

To access, correct, add, update, delete or change the consent of the communications, the holder must contact Brunotir via email Such requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible.
You can also use this form of contact for any clarification or suggestion about these terms and conditions.

7. Links to Partner Sites

The Brunotir website may contain links to third party/partner websites. The referred sites are not under the control of Brunotir, not being responsible for the content of any of these sites. It is recommended that users of the Brunotir website, when accessing other websites, consult the pages that, within these websites, refer to their privacy policies.

8. Cookies

When browsing the Brunotir website, cookies are used which, however, do not collect information that identifies the user. Generic information is collected, namely how users arrive and use the sites. The information collected is used for the purpose of controlling the number of visits and statistical studies, as well as to ensure that the website works correctly and facilitate navigation and improve the user experience.
The use of cookies allows the navigation of the website to be constantly optimized in order to provide a high quality experience that exceeds the quality obtained in the previous visit by the user.

9. Amendment of Privacy Terms and Conditions

These Privacy Terms and Conditions may be subject to change or revision, without prior notice, due to legislative or regulatory requirements in accordance with the law in force. All significant changes to these terms will be duly communicated to users on the Group’s website.
Given that these Terms and Conditions can be revised at any time, according to the criteria described above, Brunotir recommends its users to review them periodically.

Privacy Terms and Conditions – Version 1.0 – 07-06-2018

Cookie Policy

1. Introduction
This website uses Cookies solely for the purpose of improving and optimizing the experience of its users.

2. What are Cookies?

They are very small files that contain information relevant to browsing this website. These files are loaded by the device used to access this website (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) through the internet browser (web browser) during the user’s visit to the website.

Cookies allow:
Ensure the correct functioning of the web pages.
Save user preferences (eg chosen language, font size, etc).
Obtain information about the browsing experience provided to the user.
Obtain anonymous statistical information about pages visited by users, or time spent on the website.

3. Purpose of using Cookies

The purposes of using Cookies on this website are:
Ensuring it works correctly
Facilitate navigation and improve the user experience.
The use of cookies allows the navigation of the website to be constantly optimized in order to provide a high quality experience that exceeds the quality obtained in the previous visit by the user.

4. Typology and functionality

According to their permanence, cookies can be divided into two types:
Session cookies:
They expire the moment the web browser window is closed. They are used to link user actions during the session.
Persistent cookies:
They expire when their task or function is fully performed, their validity expires or they are removed manually by the user. They will be reactivated on each visit to the website.
According to their purpose, they can be further classified as follows:

Strictly necessary or essential:
They are essential cookies for the functioning of the website. They are responsible for ensuring the correct functioning and visualization of the website. They are activated in response to user actions such as logging in or filling out forms.

Dedicated to collecting statistical data on the performance of the website. User data is not collected, only parameters of possible errors or performance of new features that may be or have been implemented on the website.

They are mainly used to support the functionalities of the website, being able to memorize some user information, such as the chosen language, personalization of the client area, etc.

Advertising or specific target:
They are used to record the pages that the user has viewed and the links that he has followed, in order to provide the user with the most relevant or interesting advertising content for him. This information may be shared with third parties and used to assess the success rate of advertising campaigns.

Note: Any third-party websites may contain this type of cookies over which we have no control.

5. Block the use of Cookies

If the user wishes, he can disable the browser’s cookie functionality or limit the use of cookies for a particular service.
Usually, all changes at the web browser level regarding how cookies are used and/or accepted can be made in the “Options” or “Browser Preferences” section.
Here are the instructions to block the use of cookies for the most common internet browsers:
Google Chrome: –
Internet Explorer: –
Mozilla Firefox: –
Apple Safari: –

Users can choose not to share their data with Google services. To do so, access the Ads Preferences Manager and the Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
In addition to the means described above for the different internet browsers, the user may also use specific tools for handling cookies.

6. Consequences of blocking cookies on this website

When the cookies used on this website are partially or completely blocked, some functionalities and/or services may stop working correctly or behave differently than expected (eg user preferences or the client area not being saved or loaded correctly).
If the user blocks the use of Cookies on this website, it is very likely that he will no longer be able to access certain areas of the website or that his browsing experience on the website will be considerably degraded.

7. Additional Warranties and Revocation of Acceptance

Brunotir Transportes, Lda is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of any third-party components that are included on this website.
The use and registration of cookies on this website may be subject to the acceptance of Cookies by the user during his visit to this website, installation or update of the browser used. This acceptance can be revoked at any time through the options for configuring the content and privacy mentioned in point 4 of this policy.

8. Cookie Policy Change

Brunotir Transportes, Lda reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with legislative or regulatory requirements in accordance with the law in force.
All significant changes to this policy will be duly communicated to website users.
Given that this Cookies Policy can be revised at any time, according to the criteria described above, Brunotir Transportes, Lda recommends its users to review the Cookies Policies periodically in order to stay informed about the Cookies Policy in force.
The modified Cookie Policy will take effect from the revision date, this date will be visible at the top of the page.

Cookies Policy – Version 1.0 – 07-06-2018